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    Grimbo Guest

    Question Alchohol And Sarging... :(

    Hey Guys,
    I was recently at a party where a large amount of alchohol was consumed. I attempted to sarge alot of the girls, it wasnt working too well; because a majority of them were not coherent. At that point, a drunk person sees everybody as a great friend/potential lover. SO should I just skip the openers and all that, and isolate them from the pack right away, and go to seduction?

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    Martano Guest

    Default Re: Alchohol And Sarging... :(

    You could do that. But the girls you get out of that would probably get buyers remorse and flake in the near future. You may get lucky... But it's more beneficial to go full circle in my opinion.

    The worst that could happen is that you'll be getting more practise as a result.

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    Default Re: Alchohol And Sarging... :(

    I have been in your situation a lot of times especially being a student. I agree with Martano girls can get buyers remorse and if you do get contact details they sometimes forget who you are when you get in contact next I feel one way to deal with this if you are going to a place where you know alcohol is being consumed get there early and establish a relationship or banter first so when a few drinks are consumed she is more likely to remember you.
    Best of Luck

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