Anybody know an opener that I can use to transition to a palm reading? What I want to do is open with like: Do you think magic and fate are real? Fluff a bit after this. THan take her hands, say I learned to read palms awhile back. Ill go into palm read, use it as a DHV and value eliciter. At this point every girl in the zip code is going to want me to read her palm, so thats social proof. Ill neg a bit here and there. Than eventually, Ill say I need to borrow your friend for a minute. I'll try to get her in isolation which is key, Than take her hands, and go right to the trust test, along with a cold read. At this point, Ill ask either how spontaneous are you? Shell respond with whatever she says. Ill say, Im really spontaneous into a k close. Or, Ill ask her how good of a kisser she is on a scale of one to 10, shell respond, than ill say prove it and go for k close. What do you guys think?