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    Grimbo Guest

    Default Sargin at a party

    Is sargin at a crazy party the same as sargin at a club essentially? I think it is, but Im asking the smart people here :P.
    Lets list it:
    Same loud music
    Same girls, all wearin the slutty clothes
    All the guys dressin to impress (I always stand out XD)
    General attitude that I am out to have a blast

    for the instant date thing, I spend the night at all my parties, so I dont have to drive home. How would I close a girl than? I can K close cause Ill just drag her to a couch. But how would I get any farther than?

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    Agel Guest

    Default Re: Sargin at a party

    It depends, IMHO. At a club, people who know each other hang out in groups. At a party, your target may be friends with more people than just the group she's currently in. Actually, this may be the case in a club too, but the chances are somewhat lower. Keep in mind that you have to win over her friends first!

    Now for the second part, what you're interested in is a ONS. The thing here is to pump in a lot of attraction. Isolate the target. Invite her to a more quiet place. Pump in some more attraction. Comfort too, but just enough so that she won't feel weird around you. Then, when you're ready to get out of there, tell her something like "this place is dead, let's go somewhere else". Confidence is everything - the most important feature of an AMOG. And if you are the AMOG, she'll follow you anywhere. Read a bit about handling last minute resistance and you're almost ready.

    Keep in mind though that I'm just a beginner and I might be wrong. This is what I would do based on what I learned.

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    Grimbo Guest

    Default Re: Sargin at a party

    The issue is I really cant bounce to another location. I give up my keys every party I go to. Would I just have to move em to my friends car, or just take em upstairs?

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    Default Re: Sargin at a party

    bathroom my dude! best place in a club or party to go as far as you want

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