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    Loga23 Guest

    Arrow Something quick.

    Just need some quick advice y'all.

    Basically, I kinda know this HB10 - she's banging! We first met cause she works in a shop I go to a lot & she served me & we had a good convo & I told her my plans for the evening etc. & that I was going to a concert etc. & she even complimented me saying she likes my accent. I left it there & never thought anything of it BUT see this is where it gets interesting...

    ...I went in a week later & she remembered me & even asked me how the concert was & she did it like we were friends & not only speaking for the second time if that makes sense. This time I left it by telling her to call me when a shirt I'm tryna get comes in stock.

    Now I'm wondering, from this would you say she's interested & that I'm not misreading the signs. I don't really wanna get rejected considering I always go to shop in that store & I don't want it to be awkward. So what's the best approach at this stage.

    All advice is appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Dylan~123 Guest

    Default Re: Something quick.

    she is showing signs of flirting but i wouldn't be too sure try and ask her out. If she cant go be sure to listen to her excuse . If its a stupid excuse she's not interested or she isn'y ready. If its a no try and ask her another time if she has another stupid excuse she just wants to be friends.. GOOD LUCK~!!

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    Default Re: Something quick.

    Yeah I would have to agree. If she won't go out with you cause of a stupid excuse bfind another chick. There are 3.5 billion women out there all for the taking!

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