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    Default Best respond when girls disqualify you?

    When girls say You're so lame. or You're such a dork. or You weirdo. in a flirtatious tone then hit your chest which they're actually teasing you, I don't really know how to handle that respond. I can handle "You're so bad.", "I bet you tell that to every girl.","I don't date players." beautifully. But not "lame" and "dork" and "weirdo". So, usually I ignore it and there's really nothing.

    I want those to be chances to make attraction.

    I heard that "Girls qualify you, disagree. Girls disqualify you, AGREE.".

    Disqualify me as a player, I use C&F. Disqualify me as a dork, I dunno.

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    april88 Guest

    Default Re: Best respond when girls disqualify you?

    if it is in a flirtatious tone, she doesnt really mean it. so respond to her something like, "oh u think that im a dork? how sad : ("

    i would find the guy even cuter if he responds this way.

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    Rippemapart Guest

    Default Re: Best respond when girls disqualify you?

    i have found it fairly effective to say the same thing right back at them,, then plow on

    girls: "your such a dork"

    me " your a dork!"

    girl: 0_0

    me: i hope we get out of work early today.. / do you think your gona get your pay check tomorow?.. / blah / blah / blah

    .................... .................... ..

    Girl: your weird!

    me: your wierd!

    girl " ahh umm"

    me, before she can think of what to say: "lets sit down at a tabel" ... / hand me that bread stick please / ashley will be at the party soon / blah blah

    .................... .................... .................

    seems to work fairly well for me,, its my standerd come back, when a girl uses those type playful insults / mind game / what ever thay are.... if you give them time to think, they seem to do what girls ussauly do, (in my opinion)... they may escalate the conflict,, dont jump through that hoop,,, if she hits you with a second playful insult,, be the adult,, plow on with a new topic,, hoop theroy

    just some mildy effective stuff i have noticed.. In My opinion
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