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    Cool What does it mean that you don't take women's tests??

    What does it mean that you don't take women's tests??

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    Martano Guest

    Default Re: What does it mean that you don't take women's tests??

    These aren't my words. I've copied them from another online source to make sure every base was covered.

    What is it?

    Women will often test guys.
    It's important to know how to deal with feminine testing. This is one of the BASICS: Once you demonstrate to a woman that she can manipulate you, she loses all sexual attraction for you and designates you as a PAWN. You MUST retain control and be the MAN.
    Why do women test men?

    Women test men for all sorts of reasons, and it’s mostly an unconscious process. Attractive women have a lot of options, and prefer men who are STRONG OF CHARACTER. If you were an attractive woman being chased by hundreds of guys, how would you go about eliminating the losers? You’d TEST them, in subtle ways that test for strength and personality. If you did this on a regular enough basis, this behavior would become unconscious and automatic. Women will ALWAYS test you! Deal with it, learn how to handle it, and move on.

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