Ok, So I've just been doing some reading, I'm just that way always reading about everything I can, In any case here is the story.

There is a girl I like and have liked for about 2 months, Things finally came to a head and I sealed the deal about 4 days ago. (fyi I have no idea about any terminology but reading up on what I was already doing I came to find out that I'm doing something called a freeze out... Kind of.)

In any case we go to the same school and I actually give her a ride to school about every day now. I've played the good guy role and it really is who I am so I'm fighting that. I work security and so for the past two months I have been completely available. I have always made sure she was the one calling me even though I never turned down an opportunity to spend time with her.

In any case after getting her into bed (and I really like her so its not something I'm trying to make a fling or anything by any means) She felt really guilty afterwards. I comforted her in it and yesterday while she was out with a friend I told her she should enjoy the time with her friend and not worry about calling me.

In any case because I've been so available I figure there is no challenge, In fact I realize now the reason why what happened happened Is the night previously she said she wanted to be friends and I was completely hands off the entire day and by night time she was doing everything she could to get me to go with it.

So now that she feels guilty or felt guilty at least, after letting her know everything was alright for about half of yesterday and all day today I have been completely ignoring her calls and texts (and so far I have gotten about 10 calls today)

But I do need to pick her up tomorrow and will need to confirm the time. I guess the advice is what to do about that, when and what to do from now on? I want her and she knows it but for about 2 days she hasn't heard from me. Am I going about it wrong? Should I call her back right away? what do I say when I do?

I am a nice guy and I want to keep her but I need to get her over this hump of feeling guilty before I can make it a little more serious.