Facebook talkin on one of her pictures:
Background, im 17 male. shes 16 HB 8 with a bf

Grimbo: Your sideways dude (Her picture was messed up and sideways)

Her: duhh, for some reason my computer wont change it.

Grimbo: lol, its not that hard to change :P

Her: i know, but my computer keeps saving it wrong! okay!

Grimbo: What was the okay for haha, I didnt offer to change it; jese your so needy! (Tryn to keep it playful, and tiny negs here)

her: no im not , lol! you got smart with me hahah

Grimbo Slyce: Woahhhh, Im gettin smart appareanty :P. Youre needy and back talking me now

Her: hahahah, of course(:

Grimbo Slyce: I was going to tell you an amazing idea I had, but since you are back talking me now, I dont know if you are deserving of it haha

her: Omg just tell me

Grimbo: Ehhhh idk now, maybe in a bit hahaha

Thats the end now, what you guys think? My "great idea" was gonna be us hangin out this weekend when i got time
What do you guys think??