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    JosephG Guest

    Question I need your help

    I have this girl that i have known for 2 years. We were in relationship for 6 months with no sex but now we are not in relationship right now... We just started communicating again and i don't want to blow it this time.

    She is type of girl that appreciates help. She is senior in college
    and i am 4 years older than she is...

    I want to know many ways that i may help her and unexpected
    wonderful things i can do for her to keep things alive. Also,what to talk about as sometimes we just run out of things to say..She likes things simple and uncomplicated.

    She is strong girl,business mind,no nonsense and comes from strong family. We had great connection when we first met but it slowly went down hill due to me being too cocky and confident about relationship i think and i guess i was not there for her.. She was too tough on me i think but she seems more understanding and cool now...well this is my perception anyway.

    Would appreaciate all the help you can give me as i don't want to mess up what could be my and our last chance.



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    Raven Guest

    Default Re: I need your help

    I'm just going to shoot straight with you based on what I know about your situation. I don't know if this is the right woman for you if she was too hard on you. Raven Rule #1 - Never tolerate crap from women - or anyone for that matter.

    However, if you feel she is, I would say this - Don't be too cocky. Be confident and funny. Being the right amount of cocky will be natural as long as you stay true to your masculine core, and are funny. Make sure any cocky joke you might make is done jovially and with a smile, so she doesn't get the wrong idea - never say anything cocky with a serious look, never pretend to be serious.

    Running out of things to say... First of all, moments of silence are natural. You don't have to constantly communicate. Sometimes you just need to let the girl rest on your arm while you watch TV or enjoy her presence. Sometimes you need to listen to the radio a bit in the car or chill out. Talking constantly isn't normal. The key is not to avoid silence, the key is to avoid AWKWARD silence. If you stay in a good mood and don't act weird during moments of silence, and act like it's no big deal, then you're fine. Additionally, you won't run out of things to talk about if you develop charisma and get out of your own head.

    One more thing I learned from Carlos Xuma - to keep a woman is simple. You need to keep her emotionally and sexually satisfied. If you don't want to have sex until marriage, or she doesn't, that's totally great. You still need to keep the attraction up - kiss her and touch her the right way, be romantic, make her really want you sexually. Hopefully it goes well for you, bro.


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