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    Default Strangest girl I have ever met

    I have been going over the basic texts like mystery method and magic bullets, they are quite effective tools. But recently I had an encounter with a girl that left me very confused, and would very much appreciate some guidance from you guys.

    So she's young (a college freshman, whereas I am a grad student). I feel interested in her because we have similar passions (both love long-distance running and rock climbing), and plus she's rather cute. However, she appears to be rather socially awkward, she doesn't take a shower when I take her out to go climbing, she doesn't shave her legs, she even told me that her friends think she's a douche (her actual words), and when she went camping once, people had to spray her with air fresher, cause apparently she stunk...She's also usually sick with a minor cough every time i see her (which she blames on her roommate). She's not a very good conversationalist, and the only time she does talk is about herself.

    My interaction time with her totals up to about 4 hours. I have received absolutely no IOIs from her except for passive compliance to some light kino. She also NEVER asked me any questions about myself (who i am, what do i do, etc) during all that time, which has never happened to me before. Even girls who are not attracted to me would ask those questions simply to be polite (especially if we are in a 3 hr isolation). If i ask her to take a shower before she goes out, she would say well that would take 10-15 min of my time (WTF), and not joking either. Overall, she seems highly non-compliant for someone that's unkempt and has bad hygiene (she's no 10 that's for sure). I have done my best to provide value and fun to the interaction, she certainly enjoys it but offers none of her own, and doesn't seem to truly appreciate or the least bit curious about me.

    When I took her home, she offered to make me a pizza (she works at a pizza place close to her dorm), but I have to wait in the car for 10 min. I think she finally felt a bit guilty that I am giving her a ride and taking her out. At that point, i was so turned off by her self-centered and disinterested attitude, I just said no thanks.

    My questions are: is it something I am doing wrong here to not cause attraction (if so, what?), am i being an impatient jerk? or is she such a dork that boys/sex/etc are simply not on her mind? Also should I ask her out again, or simply move on?
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