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    Saucy99 Guest

    Default What to do when recieving mixed signals?

    Here's my dillema:

    There's a hb 9 that I'm trying to get with that I met recently. We text sometimes and have had small talk in a class I took this past semester with her. We haven't actually hung out other than that though.

    Anyways, she texts me to see what I'm doing on weekends and I do the same with her sometimes. A couple weeks ago I texted her to see if she wanted to go see a movie but she already had plans to go chill with her girlfriends in another town but asked if we could do it the next weekend. So I texted her a few days later, gave her some push/pull in the convo and got some good responses but then I asked if we were still on to go see that movie for the weekend and she didn't respond..

    Now, yesterday she wrote on my facebook wall "marco" (stealing that line from me that I used on her last time we talked lol) so I waited and responded a few hours later with just "polo". Soon after that she sent me a text asking what I was doing for the night..I told her I was goin out to this club (where everyone goes usually on thirsty thursday) but she didnt feel like goin and told me to let her know if I don't go there. I said "ok" and left it like that.

    How should I play it with this chick? I've already asked her out on a date and she didnt respond so I didnt want to look desperate so I never brought it up again.

    Should I ask her out again? She seems interested but I dont wanna put her on a pedistool because I know guys drool over her all the time..
    What should I do?

    (sorry for the long post)

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    kosmosfreak Guest

    Default Re: What to do when recieving mixed signals?

    Ok so I have no idea what im doing so im going to treat this as a pop quiz and answer as if its a test and see if any of the real puas tell me I got it right.

    She has your facebook, and she said to tell her if youre not doing anything later. You said guys drool over her all the time. Those seem to be the main points.

    So my (final answer) would be...

    Go clubbing, take lots of pictures and even post them on face book, let her know you have no intention of waiting for her and that you have social value, this will both make her jelous and curious why you didnt want to hang out with her when she gave you an option (that she probably wouldnt of followed through on anyways)

    Now dont follow that lol unless someone who knows their stuff says too, thats just me playing student :P

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