I was at a wrestling meet today. I was sittin between my two friends girlfriends, and their friends. I was social proofing and droppin negs, and push pullin to the extreme. First my friend Lance, his girlfriend Jess hugged me and said I was her new bf. I just went along, than said sorry I need to break up with you; I cant do that to Lance. She took it in stride, than I said wait nvm, we are together again. Next, about an hour later; My friend Mat's gf Maeve said to me "Since Mat cant go with me to dinner tonight, you are my date!!" Normally, in my pre pua days (Im still an afc, I just follow rules better now) I woulda jumped on it. With this, I said sorry you arent my type . That was the ultimate neg since she is a HB9 at least. Her friend than asked me if she was my type (she was one I wanted to sarge, but I didnt know what to do from here, so I said idk, I havnt talked to you yet). I later pulled Maeve back in by giving her a keychain that was "very dear to me". I than ran some ESP and DHVs on them. Any advice gentlemen