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Thread: I Need help!!!!

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    Derek1414 Guest

    Default I Need help!!!!

    Here is my story:

    I have know this girl for about 15 years, we have always had a thing for each other. We have never dated or hooked up because either I wasn't available or she wasn't at the time.

    So about 8 months ago she got a divorce from a guy who abused her, they were only married for a year, They had only stayed together and got married because she got pregnate. So she is now single. Let me mention here that she is my sisters best friend.

    After she was single for about 5 months I we started to hang out as friends. Since she is going through a divorce and has a child she has no money, I have a good job so I usually paid for everything when we went out. I didn't think I was being a sucker but you will find out why I was shortly.

    So since my sister and her are best friends a bunch of us were going on vaction together. Neither of them could afford it so I lent the two of them the money to pay for the trip. I lent them the money before we had started hanging out. So before we go on the trip I start hanging out with her a few times a week.

    I start to get feelings for her, I thought she was interested because she always finding excuses to drop by my sisters to hang out when I was there. My sister said that it was obvious cause when I wasn't there she would ask where I was and just leave if I was not there. So two weeks before the vacation I asked her out and she said that she wasn't ready to date yet.

    She had gone on a few dates but she explained to me that she wasn't ready for something serious so that is why she said no to me. She said because of our situation it is all or nothing with me. So we go on vacation and I made the vacation the best week for her. she loved it. The only problem is that every time I try and get close to her she pulls away and every time I pull away she chases me. She told me that she can't date me cause of my sister. They are very very close.

    Do you think she is telling the truth or is she just feeding me some lines. She also told my sister that she just wants to have fun now and that with me its all or nothing and that right now its too much pressure. I think she likes me and that we could be good together.

    What should I do to get her to chase me. Right now I have been there for her too much. But its hard to stay away. If I leave her alone she will text me or message me what do I say to her to get her interested. Do I back off completely or do I try and remain her friend. Help Me decide!!!! She told my sister that If I dated other girls it would make her sad....I feel like a yoyo.

    Please help tell me what to do. If I leave he alone how long do I wait before I contact her. I don't want to make it obvious she is my sisters friend. Oh yeah I have messaged her twice today, help me stop, put me in the right direction!!!

    [admin: Derek please try to break up your paragraphs to make them easier to read - I did it for you this time]

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    Howdy Guest

    Default Re: I Need help!!!!

    I'd say the answer is quite obvious.

    Due to knowing you for so long I guess she don't want to end up hurting you, as she's not looking for any projects, also it would make it kinda awkward when she'd hang out with your sister if you were around if things wouldn't go well.
    Back off for a while, see other women, show that you're independent. If she does care about you and get jealous, you'll notice it in time.
    No real reason to "stay friends" with her, I mean, you don't have to completely ignore her, but atleast stop being such a pushover.


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