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    trainer1 Guest

    Default Barista at Starbucks

    OK so I met this woman who is married. She asks if I'm on Facebook. Friends me. We chat a bit. Then she asks for my phone number. We text alot. We've been out two times. 1st time she asked me to meet her with her friends. Knew I was in. Then, I asked her to come to meet me at the bar. She did with her friends. We were holding hands and rubbing up against each other at the bar. She went home with her friends. She still texts alot. She says she is in a situation with her husband and from what she says she seems to not want a relationship with him.

    I have a hard time pinning her down when she has free time. She works very close to my house and suggested coming by one day but then we met at the restaurant with her friend.

    She texts me alot.

    Any suggestions on this one ? I like her alot and if she gets divorced, I'd marry her. What are your thoughts ?

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    Default Re: Barista at Starbucks

    whoa man, you've gone out with her twice.. marry her?

    drop it down a notch

    1.) If this chick is like that with her current hubby, don't have the greatest pre judgement about her. She could be different with you, who knows? But don't automatically assume it.

    2.) If in your head you are thinking "I love her" take a cold ass shower and get that thought out ...for now. That's a horrible path to walk in.

    Also, doesn't matter if she shows up with her friends somewhere. You can always be like

    While with the group:
    You:"Hey, you like to travel?"
    Her: "yea" or "no why?" or simply just "why?"
    You:"Let's travel.."
    Grab her hand and lead her elsewhere, away from her friends.
    Then kiss her.

    Then bang her.

    Then bang her some more.

    Edit** Easier if you just invite her over to your house. She already hinted she'd go.
    Remember my name lady, you'll be screaming it later.

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    GoDat55 Guest

    Default Re: Barista at Starbucks

    approach approach approachs!

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    GoDat55 Guest

    Default Re: Barista at Starbucks

    my computer likes double posts

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