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    Default Progressing with a girl in a strained relationship.

    So, here's the bit.

    Met a girl and both of us have almost more work than we can handle. So meeting up in person isn't easy. Met her 3 days ago, and we have been txting constantly, and yes txting is one of the worst methods of communication. If I didn't have unlimited text, I would have a several hundred dollar txt bill.

    She is very interested, but has a strained relationship with a bf. He goes to a school an hour and a half away. She won't date me until the bf bit is decided, however she is still wants to know me better.

    She gave me IOI's by not telling me about the bf at first (took her 3 days), lots of touching, very close proximity. She only told me about the bf when I asked her if she wanted to go to dinner.

    I am asking for advice on how to progress. I want to know what topics I should avoid and how I should approach her now.

    I really like her so far, and definitely want to get to know her better, and then proceed to date her if her relationship with the other guy doesn't work out.

    So, how can I basically be a good "Vice" bf at the moment, but not look to hostile to her current relationship. And the bf is real, not just a fake.

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    Default Re: Progressing with a girl in a strained relationship.

    Limit your interaction with her. She knows you're an option, she needs to wonder if you're the better option. Go out and date chicks yourself. Make her miss talking to you. When you do talk, avoid talking about her boyfriend. If she brings it up, change the subject. But don't be afraid to talk about your dating life.

    If you limit your contact with her down to a trickle (less than once a week), keep a one-sided dialog open with her via text or voicemail, where you role-play a relationship. "Hey honey, I think I left the iron on. If you haven't left the house yet, can you check for me?" "I hate these long business trips. Miss you and the kids. How was Billy's karate practice?" "I'm on my way home, do we need anything from the grocery store?" "We're having an awesome year, honey! (We're going to pay an arm and a leg in taxes!)"

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