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View Poll Results: What is the best type of first contact texting message?

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  • An inside joke

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  • Standard greeting (i.e. "What's up?")

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  • Sexting

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  • Making fun of them

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    Jkuf Guest

    Default Text game: the morning after

    Something I have really struggled with is contacting girls I meet at parties (usually when we are both intoxicated) the next morning. I almost always get a phone number, and nine times out of ten, I fail to further our relationship, unless I see them at another party. My problem is that when I text them in the morning, the conversation usually dries up and leaves me with nothing to say.

    Here is the situation I am in now:

    I met a solid hb10 at a frat party this weekend. It was 1:30am when I met her, and we were both pretty drunk. I used a few of my favorite lines to make her qualify herself and eventually had her crawling all over me. We made out and talked for an hour before the DD picked her up and took her home. The best part was that she initiated the first kiss. I didn't get her to my room, but things went very well to say the least.

    The next day, I texted her "What's up?" She brought up a joke about the night before and I played off it in my response. She didn't respond. Not wanting to give up, I waited an hour before sending her "what are you up to today?"
    She replied, "work ." Partly because I didn't have reception, and partly because I saw that the conversation was drying up, I didn't respond to her, and haven't since. I have read allot of the threads on this website and watched some videos and the common consensus seems to be that a text message needs to be intriguing, should have some way of leading to a date, and shouldn't necessarily require a response (eliminating the threat of her flaking out). However, I can't think of anything that meets these standards. Any suggestions?

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    Rippemapart Guest

    Default Re: Text game: the morning after

    im only guessing:

    sounds like she may of been trying to bring up an inside joke... perhaps, being a hot girl, she did not care if it offened you?

    maby you should have teased her in some way.

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    Default Re: Text game: the morning after

    dude i feel you on this! its the hardest part of my game. i mean i can f close a chick the night before and have no idea what to text her the next day and even if i do the convo dries up real quick. if you find something that works let me know asap

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