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    Alex141516 Guest

    Default Girl coming over tonight

    Ok so I met this girl before at a party a while back and didn't really take any interest. I ran into her again at another party a few weeks ago and got her number. We been texting awhile now and she is going to come over later to get drunk. I am really really new at this and don't have any booze so how should I tell her that or should I tell her to bring some instead? Also any other advice would be liked. So if you wanna know more about what's going on I'll let you know and thanks for the help.

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    Rippemapart Guest

    Default Re: Girl coming over tonight

    why is she comming over to get drunk, if you dont have booze?..

    did you tell her you had booze?

    my i ask why you agreed , if you knew you didnt.

    ask her to bring some i guess,, at least your not suplicating, by being a guy she steals alcohal off of...

    and shes coming over your house.... so you cant change venue... shes already were you want her,, your house

    make her feel like just hanging out with you, is worth comming?

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