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    DiFontaine Guest

    Default Enigmatic Girl Advice Needed

    Ok, so there's this girl, we'll call her A-Bomb, and I'm really into her and have been for ages, but she is a total enigma. Our history goes like this:
    *Met in high school (bear in mind I'm from the UK...), fancied each other but I did nothing due to a combo of fear of rejection and peer pressure.
    * During college (age 16-18/19) fall out of contact somewhat, get into relationships, live our lives as nothing more than casual acquaintances.
    *Both move back home after Uni (around 5 years after leaving high school), both single but headf*cked after messy break-ups. Go on a date and kiss.
    *Flirt like mad.
    *My headf*ckery gets the better of me, I get a bit intense and she tells me to back off, which I do.
    *Four weeks or so later I get offered a job in Milan and she all of a sudden gets back in touch.
    *I don't go to Milan but spend 5 weeks in New Zealand instead (Nov-Dec) we flirt mildly and I receive bucket loads of mixed signals.
    *I return from NZ (which is MEGA btw, everyone should go at least once) we hang out and all is good. Yet more mixed signals.
    *She drunkenly sleeps with a friend at Xmas (which she later tells me she really regrets), I am a little hurt and confused and get sh*tty, telling her she should have told me where I stand instead of stringing me along and sending me mixed signals. She goes mental and tells me she "never made any romantic representations" to me, which is just plain wrong.
    * Xmas day we make up and decide to start 2011 afresh, "With a friendship that has never been stronger."

    And that is present day, we text/Facebook each other often and hang out most weekends. She still, unconsciously or not, keeps sending me mixed signals. I really like her but don't know how to proceed. I don't want to slip into the friendzone but I don't want to broach the her-and-me subject again for fear of ruining things, again. Comments and criticisms welcome!

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    Rippemapart Guest

    Default Re: Enigmatic Girl Advice Needed

    she had sex with your friend and not you?

    sounds like your in the friends zone or something?

    to be honest... based on my limited experiance.. i say cut this puppy loose

    you put all that time into this girl,, and she gives the sex you wanted, to a friend?

    "a friendship thats never been stronger?"

    it sounds like your in the friends zone.... probably no point in wasting any more time with this girl

    go for broke.... ignore her... when she trys to get your attention,, if she does... get sexual... go for the hook real attraction.. go for broke... no point in being afraid if she rejects you, in a way, she already has,, so if she does try to get your attention back,, get sexual,, and amp it up

    this is just my oppionon
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