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    Default Building attraction over email

    I was on fire Friday in the bar. I was opening random sets, building proof. Girl at the bar. Alpha dudes wearing shirts that look like gas station uniforms but that they bought at Nordstrom. Isolated Volleyball team. Girls alone in a booth.

    Two HBs 7 & 9 walk and stand nearby. I immediately said the most benign thing "Did you REALLY just walk all the way over HERE from over THERE?" (a distance of about 20 feet). They immediately started qualifying.

    It had something to do with strange smells and farting dudes "over there." I start building comfort and breaking rapport, implying that the girls are the reasons it got stinky "over there." They're into it. I rib them more, "awwwe, I'm just pulling your finger." They laugh more. We're having fun, I have a camera, and propose we take a picture. Self Portrait of the three of us. I'm the first guy who has ever asked to be IN the picture with them. We take the picture and I tell them I'll share it. HB 9 asks me "Are you on Facebook?" I say the equivalent of "Hey now, I don't know you. You really have to be my friend for me to be your friend." (I'm paraphrasing, and suggest I email her instead).

    I have to leave, I don't have time to continue building rapport or attraction, but we leave on good terms. I'm not about to give up the goods and risk an opportunity to continue building the connection. Knowing full well, the target would want a real copy of the photo, I doctor it up in Photoshop, putting a gas mask on my head. It's hilarious. She writes me back, thinks its funny, and asks for a copy of the real photo, with a winky smile.

    So you have the background. I built comfort. I built rapport and broke it. There might have been a little attraction, but I don't have much to go on. No phone number. I am usually pretty creative, but I'm busted for ideas where to continue the interaction, build more attraction, and get a meet-up. Have not sent the real photo.
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