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    Default wanna make something of my life gotta handle girls first

    K so im gonna explain my whole situation. Im in high school and my parents have recently won a lot of money in the lottery like millions ill just put it at that. Thing is at school im a known guy and i guess i hang out with popular people but i have a terrible reputation. I dont know how that works but ya gr 9 and 10 were just terrible for me i was a shy guy and let people push me around and now im gr 12 and i still suffer from all that. See id say im actually good with girls when i get into a good vibe but thats almost impossible when your disrespected. Now that i got a lot of money im ready to remake myself ready to get rid of sexual frustrations and boring personality and make myself better looks wise too (im average for now) So now im about to deal with a bunch of shitheads trying to mooch off me and i will definitely get female attention but im just scared of being all awkward and shit around big social situations. I know im rich but i still got the same old personality scared of social situations and shit i feel like flashing your money for pussy is weak and i want to actually have real game. Most of the people at my school dont know that ive won the lottery yet (takes 30 days anyways to get the money) and i wanna do something with this money other than show off and be a douche but i feel until i get it with at least 10 hot girls im a failure in life im 17 and a virgin and when people find out about this money im gunna have to answer socially and there all gonna expect me to be a cocky bastard (which is not what i wanna be) but even so i gotta represent the part its like lil wayne being a virgin no one would respect him even though hes got millions. Btw dont ask me questions about the lottery i have enough of that shit to deal with at home this is about girls and social stuff only i need your advice i wanna get laid and i want it as fast as possible i need options here. And pls dont mistake me for trying to front like some successful rich kid im just being honest with my situation and as much as id like to not talk about this lottery shit i wont get anywhere by lying about my situation.

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    Default Re: wanna make something of my life gotta handle girls first girls first

    Andy, I love your story.

    You recognize the fact that your life is going to change and that it's out of your control. You recognize the unfortunate dynamics of your position among your peers (friends or not friends). You SUBCONSCIOUSLY recognize--though maybe not articulated in the following way--that you may struggle with the desire to exploit your newfound fortune, to somehow equalize years of frustration, disrespect, and loneliness at the bottom of the social pecking order.

    Well I've got news for you. You don't have to put yourself under such intense pressure by worrying about these things. You are young, and will be out of High School in four months. After that, everything changes. The world awaits to accept you as whatever you want to be.

    I speak from experience when I say this; I did the MOST growing as a person from the ages of 19 and 25. And I didn't lose my virginity until I was 24. Despite my present-day transformation, I'm still very confused how I could have been SO inept and unlucky in love and sex for so long. So without a more in-depth analysis of that period in my life and where I've gone in it since then, you'll just have to trust me when I say "you have no idea who you are yet."

    Forget about high school. It's the worst time of our lives for guys like us.

    Your best years are ahead of you. Use the fact that you may never have financial worry to experience the world. Read. Try new things. Travel. Continue to be the best self you can possibly be, knowing what you know at the time you know it. (that is intentionally confusing). Resist the urge to transform into a rich, materialistic kid who buys attention and love. Resist the urge to alter your image without truly exploring the nature of the thing you are changing.

    You want a cool car? Learn everything there is to know about cars so the one you buy isn't about status, but about fulfilling a desire to know what makes one different from another, and then being able to appreciate those differences. You want to change your clothes? Read magazines, articles, and research about the nature of the fashion industry, from how textiles are manufactured, to how they're marketed, to the psychology of what makes consumers buy them (comfort, image, etc). You want a set of earrings or bad-ass Kanji tatoo? Learn the history of body modification in ancient Persia, and learn Japanese so you know the meaning behind the pictograph you imprint on your skin.

    My point is, use your fortune to better yourself, not to make yourself appear better in the eyes of your idols and enemies. Just keep to yourself and ride the next few months out, then forget high school. I know how limiting your mind can make life when you're a virgin. You feel it is your identity, and that it is an identity you can't get away from to save your life. If you want to learn game, stay well-groomed, clean, and find some other frustrated kid and have a secret friendship where you go meet chicks at the mall or from other schools.

    Oh, and if it's not too late, tell your folks to talk to an attorney who specializes in finance and creating foundations. They can accept lottery money on your behalf and keep your identities private. Ask the lawyer for a recommendation on a financial planner. Taking these actions will have a MUCH more impactful benefit on your family life (in terms of planning and privacy) than it will have on you as a kid in the community.

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