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    Default Handling an OBSTACLE

    Met two cute girls at a networking function.

    The first, a more bubbly outgoing personality, was a real estate broker, musician, and had gotten out of a four-year relationship just four weeks prior. Hereafter known as WEEDER, or the obstacle. The other, a more sophisticated and sassy creature, a banker, a dancer, and The Target, was seeing someone with whom she didn't have any chemistry. Hereafter known as SWINGER. WEEDER and SWINGER have known each other for less than five days.

    I was intent on NOT giving any KINO to either girl, aiming to game them both only with my speech and conversation. It worked, though at one point I slipped and gave REAL a playful jab. ONCE. She returned fire, after which I kept my hands to myself.

    My game was solid; both girls were highly interested and giving IOIs. In conversation, REAL unwittingly stated I was cute. SWINGER directly said I was the most interesting man she had met that night.

    I asked if they knew anything about the "after party" at a nearby bar and that my friends might be going. [ HINT: There was no after party -- I made it up ]. I got both of their numbers and said I'd keep them in the loop when I heard the details.

    I left and ventured to the bar with my crew. The pickings were slim at the "After Party," so we texted our location to The Dynamic Duo; I instructed my team to occupy the obstacle. They arrived and sat at the bar, where I re-opened the set.

    I think it's important to know that, though I unintentionally generated more attraction with WEEDER at the networking event, their buying temperature was about equal. I had more chemistry with SWINGER. But now the dynamics had clearly changed. It was apparent that SWINGER had explicitly resigned pursuit of me to WEEDER.

    I invited them back to our table, and the boys went to work on the obstacle. But a number of factors limited my progress at this point:
    • WEEDER was still actively engaging me
    • SWINGER had invited her "dance partner" (aka ODDJOB) to the venue
    • The nature of SWINGER's relationship with ODDJOB wasn't clear.
    • I felt bound to respect my perceptions..

    We all did an impromptu dance lesson in the middle of the bar, SWINGER taking opportunities to push me together with WEEDER. After which I resigned myself to the set and keyed in on WEEDER's advances, and eventually made out with her at the end of the night.

    I'm still interested in SWINGER more than WEEDER, and I don't feel this is a hopeless situation. I have a few ideas for managing it, and a little leverage with a friend who connected with the obstacle later in the evening after I was gone.

    What do you think about the direct approach (being honest and saying what I want to each)? It's okay if I lose them both, but in the interest of acquiring seduction mastery, I'd really like to manage (control) the situation into an outcome with SWINGER.

    I would love to hear input from the visitors. Any other creative insights and strategies that may turn the tables?
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