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    Question Lots of girls that are friends but no Girlfriends.

    Okay here's the deal, I have lots of friends that are girls and I like a few of them...But i dont know how to get to the next level with them. What to I do?

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    Default Re: Lots of girls that are friends but no Girlfriends.

    Not knowing much about your situation, generally this one can usually be fixed with a couple of things.

    1. Start teasing and flirting with them.
    2. Touch them more in a nonsexual way.
    3. Let them see you flirting with other women.
    4. Smile at them more.. and let it linger a little bit more.
    5. Dress more stylish when you are around them.
    6. Do more active guy things (sports, etc).

    Report back.


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