so i recently started hanging out with this girl, and things were going great! i used all of the stuff i have learned from here, and i have been able to close a kiss and a little more - but she wont let me come up to her apt yet- and she doesnt like that i have roommates. Ive seen her a few times a week, and then we are out for coffee one night, and the last girl that i hooked up with was there- and she came straight up and started talking to the current girl. PG (past girl) says something along the lines of [i wasnt right there- but i found out later through CG (current girl)] so how is he - because i thought he was pretty good. CG has been giving me a lot of sh1t about the past girl, but not only that, now both girls have been hanging out a ton. it even went as far as CG called me at 3am when their battery was dead and they needed a jump. i gave them a jump, and CG wanted me to give her a ride home, so she left PG. i was getting texted from CG almost every day, and since the two girls started hanging out, i havent received a text in almost a week. i texted CG a picture of an inside joke we have, and said i was thinking about her and that i just wanted to let her know that and that i would talk to her soon- she said "sounds good " now my question is, what direction do i go from here?
it doesnt bother me a whole lot that they are hanging out, but im wondering if PG is sabotaging what i have with CG because im not with PG anymore? CG has said things to me about how i have handled this whole situation very maturely, and a lot of guys she knows wouldnt be able to do that. im just confused because i really want things to go well with CG, and it seems like ever since the two have become best friends (daily FB posts on each others walls about how much they love each other) the CG is becoming more distant. I need some help PUA 's!! thanks in advance