Ok, so. This is the deal. I have already a girlfriend, but I decided to get something aside occasionally. But I'm not used to this. Usually I always went out in the more "traditional way" with a girl to have some kind of relationship.

So today I saw this cute young girl working as a cashier at a store. I saw her doing some eye contact so I thought I'll ask for her nr.

It was easy, just said that I found her cute and that I want her nr. for a coffee. She smiled and we exchanged our names. She gave me her nr. but said "yeah, but this is just like friends coffee right? because I have a boyfriend". I said "sure, it's just a coffee" (like a guy would say to a girl that she is cute and want her nr. just wants to be friends, funny )

First, do you guys think I should get her to some fancy coffee house or a more normal one. She looks like a student girl. Second, not sure how to handle with this one, since I just want to fark her a couple of times. I don't want a relationship or anything in the like. And I don't want to be doing a game for weeks on it as well. So...

If you guys would give me an advice would be great.

Thanks a lot.