Okay so this is new the whole forum thing. but lets just get started... theres this girl who ive been on and off with for a year. and by on and off it never really got serious. shes a very simple girl who can at times be very confusing.. i do game her and it has worked but i just want to know how i can game her one last time and make her want to come back to me. my game is pretty good in my own eyes i can talk to anygirl and i bet have anygirl but theres just not one like her. How can i make it work without seeming try hard..this weekend we'll be in hudson valley resort all weekend with most of the people from our school... how can i game her into wanting me there... i was thinking game other girls from other schools at the partys there ..but i need a sure bet i want to make moves

MSaup; game so tight you have to backmask it ;P