So, there is this girl that i've like for a little over half the year now. we have only seen each other 3 times over this time because she goes to university 6 hours away from me but we live in the same city in the summer and over breaks etc.. and I'm prety into her. I told my oneitis' friend that I had a crush on my oneitis and the information got back to her. About a week ago we went to a club with about 15 of our mutual friends. I ignored her for 25 minutes and tried to be the center of attention and win over her two guys friends which I did with humor(I'm stand-up comedian).

Later in the night we had a 15 minute really personal deep conversation about her family and I was making sure to initiate a lot of physical contact. She then proceeded to make me takes shots with her and we left for the club. I did my own thing for a while at the club included getting a hot blondes phone number. Later we were sitting next to each other and got up and started dancing closely eventually our foreheads were touching and we were about to make out.

Before we started making out she told me she likes me. I expressed how I thought this was cool lol. She then started saying how we live so far away from each other. I told her not to worry about it and we made out. After making out she talked again about how we live so far away while she was saying this she could not keep her hands off of me she was holding my face and putting her hands on my chest in a sexual way.

That night she gave me her number and told me to text her the next day. When I texted her she acted as if she forgot everything that happened last night even though I never brought up any of this stuff. I asker her if she wanted to hang out and she said the rest of her break is packed( there was 3 days of spring break left ). and that shes coming back to my city in two weeks but made no solid plans to hang out.

First what does her reaction to this night mean probably. Also, is there a way to get into a relationship with this girl?