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    spinnaker Guest

    Default trouble with a virgin

    Ok so I was on spring break where I met this total hottie that goes to my school. After a few days of gaming her, I take her home, much to her friends dismay. I think about half of these girls like me but there are one or two that do not, so I'm a little unsure as to what this girl is told about me behind my back.

    Anyway, we fool around in bed for awhile and we are both giving and receiving oral when I proceed to score. She told me she wouldn't have sex with me way before we even left, so I said that he was right and we shouldn't like I normally do when chicks say that and then I usually do it. This girl doesn't necessarily stop me either but right as I'm entering she tells me she is a virgin. For me there is a line that you shouldn't take a girls virginity if she is under any influence of alcohol and/or she tells you she doesn't want to have her virginity taken, even if she'll let you. So I stopped what I was doing, and we proceeded the oral further.

    Some drunk buds of mine needed a ride and her friends were apparently very worried I'd done the deed so we left and I took her back.

    I texted her once the next day to come chill and she denied bc she was in the hot tub and resting from the night before or some sh1t like that. But later that evening she texted me asking what I was doing. I was already out at the bars. This was the night before last and I haven't texted her since bc I don't want to seem needy. What is freaking me out though is I think this chick is super cool and I can feel the AFC just washing over me. Wanted to know: what should I do from here? Is this a lost cause? Remember she goes to my school but I never run into her so all communication must be initiated by me. I'm trying my damndest not to let this bother me but maybe it's the whole forbidden fruit thing causing this AFCness to set in

    Oh and a few extra details: she clearly called me a player several times before I took her home and this was said in a very interested/weary way. Also I'm fairly certain she isn't lying about the virginity. Her friend even came up to one of mine and told him that if I farked her, she would cut his d1ck off. They have been pretty protective of this chick and I think it's due to my reputation as an alpha male who scores a lot. If you want more info let me know and thanks a lot

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    spinnaker Guest

    Default Re: trouble with a virgin

    i guess i didnt make it very clear earlier, I know there doesn't appear to be an issue, however,most girls like this text me like crazy after this and she didnt. SO I guess I just dont exactly know what to do next, and how long should I wait to text or call her?

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    Default Re: trouble with a virgin

    Buyers remorse. Give her some space and then reengage her.

    ALSO you did the right thing is stopping if you have issues with it, don’t ever let anyone else on here or in the community set your morals for you.

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