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Thread: What To Do Next

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    empathman Guest

    Default What To Do Next

    Hey all,

    Just signed up on the forums and thought I'd drop a question that just popped up for me today. I appreciate all logical tips!

    I ran into a girl I had a crush on four years ago today in a restaurant. In fact, I haven't seen her in four years either. We had a class together for a year and sat next to each other in that class and talked a lot. After eating, I went up and talked with her to see if she remembered me. She said she did somewhat, but it was obvious that she didn't remember nearly as much as I do. I ended up getting her number and asking if she wanted to do something, and she gave this odd reply like "Yeah sure if that's what you want" and then gave me her number. She also had a very brief odd look on her face I believe, and I wasn't able to read into it too much because it was only for like 1-2 seconds. I'm just wondering what everyone else thinks about that sort of reply and what you advise my next move to be. I sent her a text just so she could get my number as well, but that's it so far.

    Thanks, let me know if I was unclear about anything!

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    johnmike Guest

    Default Re: What To Do Next

    nice post...

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    Default Re: What To Do Next

    Hi and welcome to the forum. Enjoy your journey here, you'll love it.

    In the PUA community, there are two types of men : Alpha Males and Beta Males aka Nice Guy aka AFC ( average frustrated chump ). Alpha Males get everything, Beta Males get the left overs ( It's a little thing called "Life" ). By far, you came off as being the Beta Guy.

    - "I ended up getting her number and asking if she wanted to do something" - Alpha Males tell, Beta Males ask.

    I'm gonna go on a limb here and presume that that was the entire conversation.

    Hello > How have you been? Do you remember me? I was the one who bla bla bla > ( Possibly insert nice memory here ) > Can I have your number? > Can we go somewhere sometime?

    One word : FAIL
    Another word : BORING.

    On this forum you'll find many topics that are suited for your own personal development at your own pace. Read them, re-read them, internalize them and go in-field with them.

    I suggest starting with Inner Game stuff. It's a long hard road with inner game, but in the end it's worth it.


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