okay so im in school right now and ive been talking to a girl for a while that is really stuck and conceded, and she should be she is smart/ beautiful/ great body/ very wealthy/ and girlfriend material (not a slut). So idk how i did it but i somehow got her to be interested in me.i think it was because when i started talking to her i seriously had no intention other than to be her friend honestly but then she started falling for me somehow. She constantly looks my way, straightens her hair with her hand or throws her hair and jerks her head back and she sits next to me sometimes in front and she does that hair thing right in my face. She also does this thing where she talks really loudly to her friends when im present and she usually says something like "that guy from that party was all on me" or "yeah i was asked to blah blah blah..." But when i ask her to do something lil she doesnt comply so im guessing she is attracted to me just not to the point where she wants me bad. so i kinda screwed up by starting to be nice to her and complementing her looks. SO what do you guys suggest i do? should i neg her some more to put her down then once she pays me more attention start complementing her characteristics to the point where she complies and wants physical contact? any advice greatly appreciated