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    Firefly328 Guest

    Default Field Report - What should I have differently?

    Hi, I'm new to the forum and would like some advice on a girl I hit on earlier today. It's quite embarrassing too, so if you feel bad, you'll feel better about yourself and say "At least I don't do that kind of stuff" lol

    This is how it went,

    I was at CVS buying some things and clerk handling my purchase was a hot girl. I asked how she was and she said she was fine. When she asked me if I had a CVS card I said "I do but I'm too lazy to activate it", the girl giggled and said "Everyone is too lazy to do that". She told me the price what I was buying and I accidently pulled too many bills out, so I put them back and corrected the number. I said "HA! I finally got it right!". She replied "At least you got something right!"
    I immediately acted like I was shocked (she knew I wasn't) and said "Haha, so how about this weather?" in a sarcastic tone.
    She gave me the receipt while laughing after that comment and said have a good day. As she started to walk away, I said "What's your name?" she turned around with lightning speed (that shocked me) and faced me again. She told me her name with a very big smile. I smiled and said until next time!

    Ten minutes later I walked in with a sheet of paper with my number on it. (First mistake) I walked back in and immediately found her and this time I was very nervous which showed. I told her "hey wats up" and jokingly said I don't know if I can let that insult you made to me earlier slide! I said i should make a complaint to the manager. I said that instead you should call this number.

    I was so embarrassed during and after that second bit. But if I didn't I would have been more angry at myself if I didn't take a chance.

    So obviously I did a LOT of things wrong especially on the second part since now a look like a creeper to her.

    So I would love to hear all feedback and advice.


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    SuWoo Guest

    Default Re: Field Report - What should I have differently?

    sounds like you indicated too much interest in the beginning--thats just me though. and going back ten mins later is kinda creepy.

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