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    sykotickid Guest

    Default game in university

    hey guys firstly thanks in advance for all the guys helping out AFCs (including me of course)
    anyway so there's two girls in particular in my class that i quite like.
    one of them sits by herself so it's easier to approach her?
    the other one is a smoker like me, she also smokes by herself (i have chatted with her with my friends but nothing interesting enough to get me anywhere of course).
    should i talk about our course?
    i'm not looking for topics to discuess, i'm looking for what exact things to say if possible
    thanks guys!

    PS: how do i game girls that aren't in my class, just walking around in University?

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    Default Re: game in university

    University game is really about social proof. I think conquer your campus is the best 'college game' product out of the ones I've checked out.

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