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    Default Grabbing my cr*tch, IOI or not?

    So I've recently pushed myself to step out of my comfort zone and start learning to pick up. Last week I would walk into a club, order a drink and stand there, this week I am opening, dancing, getting number closes and XX's in the bathrooms so I've really pushed myself in a short time frame.

    Anyways so last night I had on two separate occasions have a girl grab my crotch and am just unsure exactly what it means for me.

    Girl #1: (at the bar in the club)
    Me - Oh that's just not fair
    Girl - What isn't?
    Me - You have more beads than I do (St. Patrick's day, stealing chicks beads from them)
    Girl laughs
    Me - I saw you dancing and I was not impressed, whats so special about you to get more?
    Girl - You think I don't dance well?
    Me - Not from what I saw
    *Starts dancing on me, turns around and grabs my crotch, and is about to pull down my boxers.
    Me - Only certain girls are privileged to do that

    Here the conversation kinda went sour and had an obstacle (gf of hers) come in and it was hard to recover. I didn't get a number close or anything on it but meh

    Girl 2: (outside of the bar everyone walking home)
    This was a bit of a longer conversation because we walked home in the same direction for over 20 minutes. Basically near the end I had stolen her green bow tie, made her put it on me, whipped out my phone, put her name as "Sara Bowtie" and told her to fill in the rest. She did, gave my phone back and sort of slapped my ass. I told her that ass grabbing doesn't come for free, at which point she ****** and shrugs her shoulders and says 'you'll be fine'.

    So now I'm a little confused if this is actually a IOI. Yea obviously I have enough rapport with her that she's comfortable with me, but at the same token is it a sh1t check or a just plan having fun on St. Patty's day and not really into trying to get more out of me.

    Please help =D

    [ADMIN NOTE: Keep it clean...]
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