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    dixiewhiskey Guest

    Default Moving to the sex location/ how it should look

    Now I know that some famous PUA in places like New York City can meet a girl on the street and often get them back to their place right then and there.

    It's safe to say most of us don't live in uber urban enviroments like there. Most people would have to get a girl into a car or whatever to get the girl back to their place.

    My question is this. When I meet the girl at a bar or parties (we have a lot of house shows in my college town, bands and all that) how do I get her to come back to my apartment with me?

    Also, do you clean your house as though you are going to be banging the Queen of England later that night?

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    Default Re: Moving to the sex location/ how it should look

    A) have a pad near the venues
    B) Have her pick you up at the onset of the evening
    C) Walk or take a bus or a friend, so you have a reason to get a ride from her
    D) have something really cool you want to show her at home
    E) Fuck the queen. clean your apartment as if it were an industrial silicon wafer fab (more clean).

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