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...I'm gonna get David D. Man Transformation and Deep Inner Game.

-I can't really afford that, I'm college student


Jealous Girlfriend+False Time Constraint+ Transition line+Neg+NLP (Incredible Connection+Falling in Love+Attraction vs Love+Trust pattern+some dirty pattern for getting her hot)
Is not problem for me to remember all this cuz I've known it for like 2 years lol

Man Transformation is an advanced program that follows the "Advanced" series. And check with your colleges health services. They may have it available to you for free. As for your routine "stack," don't be so tied to it--robotically progressing through it material linearly.

Knowing it will be useful to incorporate into your interactions, but your time in set should be spent having conversation that shows value (commonalities: world travel, hobbies, events, location, culture).