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Thread: What to do?

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    Mirin' Guest

    Default What to do?

    Hey guys, as you can see, I'm new here, so it can be I posted this in the wrong thread..

    Last week there was this crazy party spread out over two days. The last evening I was REALLY tired, but a girl came up to me and asked; 'shouldn't you be partying?'
    I told her;' No, I'm really really tired, so I don't have any energy left..'
    She said 'Well if you're tired, how come you don't go home?' I then told her I had to wait for a friend to come pick me up. We chatted some more, and when I left, I asked her what her name was, so i could add her on FB.

    I added her the next evening and send her a message saying 'Wow you looked older friday evening' (she's 20, I'm 19). She laughed and asked how old I thought she was. I said 22 and when she asked why I thought she was 22, I told her I had an ex that was 2 years older, and she looked the same.

    I haven't received anymore messages after I sent that last one (monday). I know she's been online because she updated her status. My question is; is this something to worry about (her not answering) and should I send her another message, lets say, friday? ( if so, what should I write?)

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    NightW0lf Guest

    Default Re: What to do?

    My guess is u heaven't built enough attraction in the first place.
    And what do u want from her? A date or?

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    Mirin' Guest

    Default Re: What to do?

    Yeah, but we only talked for like 10 minutes or so, but I was awake for 44 hours or somethin, so I was worn out

    A date would be fine.. Should I just ask it, or should I ask for her number so I can call her?
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    Mirin' Guest


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