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    Default "You're not my type" as a neg.

    Hi, this is my first post here so bear with me.

    I was wondering about how effective it is to say "you're not my type" as a neg, The way I see it, there are 3 possible outcomes:

    1. If she had shown IOI's, she loses attraction for you.
    2. You get put in the dreaded "friend zone" straight off the bat.
    3. It increases attraction towards you by forcing her to qualify herself.

    The question is, is it too risky to do? I know that as part if Push-Pull, getting a girl to qualify herself to you is important, but also isn't it important that she sees you as a potential boyfriend?

    Also, what would be a better way to rephrase it? Maybe some girls would consider it too direct and demeaning. My take on it is that it's a bit of a risky thing to say and I would try to say it in as playful a wat as I could, as well as in the right spot, but I just would like to hear people's opinions on this.

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    ifeanyiboy Guest

    Default Re: "You're not my type" as a neg.

    It depends how you say it and in what context. If you walk up to her and say it out of no where then forget ever talking to her. You can't just say a sentence and expect something to happen. Most likely you'd say it with that mind state and whatever she does is whatever she does.
    She'll probably just laugh to be polite and in her head be like "Ooooooook. That was random"

    Saying your not my type would have to be in response of her asking you what you think of her or you purposely misreading an action of hers as a way of hitting on you. Like if she said, "You look cute tonight" then you can reply with "Thanks. If that's your way of hitting on me then dream on cuz your not my type".

    You shouldn't ever really focus tho on what you should say and more importantly what happens AFTER you say it. Conversations are too dynamic for that to effect anything. A woman won't drop her pants just because you did some basic flirting with her. That was just you being normal in her eyes and made for a good laugh. Nothing more.

    Hope that helps.

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