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Thread: Ex Texting

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    frederick211 Guest

    Default Ex Texting

    Ex breaks up with me to get back with her old LTR. She has been texting, telling me she misses me and what not. I do not know whether she actually regrets breaking up, or whether she just is a two-faced whore who loves drama. I'm on temporary assignment (6 months) for work on the opposite coast, so we don't live in the same city anymore, but will again soon.

    Anyway, I've played her drama game via texting for the past few months, but I am now just ignoring her. She texts me a few days ago "It's hurting me so much that you aren't responding to my messages."

    I don't know what to do at this point. Here are my goals - keep in mind I am not sure of what to think of her at this point.

    1) Giving her the benefit of the doubt - if I really did just catch her at a bad time coming out of an LTR - I could see myself getting back with her. We had real chemistry, she's hot. From what I know of her bf, nice guy, but beta. She may really have felt bad for him and decided to give him a second chance. Plus, as said above I'm on temp assignment and it wasn't a real good time for us to do a long-term thing.

    2) If she is just a two-faced whore who loves sending dramatic text messages to an ex while in a relationship - I would still like to occasionally bone her when I move back home.

    Advice? I responded to her in the past because I genuinely missed her, and got stuck in her drama games. But I am ready to move on if need be. I think part of the breakup was that she thinks it was a one-sided breakup, that she could have me back if she wanted. That's disrespectful to me and I can't have her thinking that. However, I don't know if completely ignoring is the right move given my two goals above.

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    frederick211 Guest

    Default Re: Ex Texting

    Mainly I don't want to flirtily text back and forth with her and give her the impression I am her lapdog who will text with her just like when we were dating, and will be waiting for her when and if she decides to break up with LTR.

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