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    Default this dude has game or alpha male?

    K well it starts when this girl I talk to "stuck up hb6's friend came to work the friend was a hb8.5 lol.. I kinda wanted to show off that I had game to my friend who also has game but I didn't think he had much... so I start talking to her... and now that I think of it I think I came off pretty stupidly afc style.... LOL well I forgot what o said but were talking about music lol wiz khalifa lmao then my friend butts in and starts AMOG'ing the sh1t out of me he came in and said hos favorite song from khalifa then all of no where he starts posing... yea I know then he looks at the girl and says I should be a model "seemed to me like cocky/funny" but we were both just staring when I realized... sh1t I got owned and cockblocked at the same time so I just leave LOL and go talk with a co worker nearby and also thinking...hes not gonna last but after like 30 minutes later he still talking and interrupts me and my friend and starts to AMOG me hard... he put his hand around my shoulder and he is like manny's a nice guy... then was like he has a lot of personality though.. I wad like sh1t... owned then the girls just laugh and then I go back with my friend and talk again... but holy sh1t I never seen someone with so much game it was like a master doing work but perfectly... so was that an alpha or did he just have game? And if so

    How can you improve your game to be like that?

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    Default Re: this dude has game or alpha male?

    I would start with making a readable post.
    I have failed more than most men have tried.

    Every woman you pass up is a woman you will never have.

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