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    Default Day 2 report. What should I do next?

    So about two weeks ago I go to get my haircut and I meet a really cool girl who is also waiting to get her hair done. If I had to rate her hotness she's about a 8.

    The conversation was good enough that I felt confident in asking for her number, so she gave it to me.

    I text her about a week later. We texted each other back in forth for about six hours, we shared jokes, sent each other funny pictures, at one point I asked her "you wanna see my cock?" and then sent her a picture of a rooster. She didn't get offended she even answered back "I'm gonna send you a picture of one of my cheeks, the joke being her face cheek not her butt cheek.

    I figured damn my text game is strong. About two days later we are talking and she invites me to go to the theatre with her. So she comes to my house and picks me up. We go to the theatre and her two brothers are there, we all talk about music and stuff. We really didn't get to talk much since we went straight to watch the movie and then go home, but the funny thing was that the girl paid for my ticket.

    We keep texting I do some DHVing by sending her pictures of leather bags that I design and she even tells me she is impressed.

    Okay so yesterday she comes to my house and I tell to leave her car there because there is a real cool lounge about a block away from my house. So we go to the lounge and order some drinks. We start talking and we laugh and laugh talking about my asshole neighbors, work, family, and other random stuff.

    Honestly I wasn't planting any DHV's I was just going on the strength how much I was making her laugh. As far as kino at one point I grabbed her hands and looked at her nails and asked her about them.

    So my bro texts me and tells me that the house is empty. One bad sign was that the girl had told me she had to leave in a hour cause she had work the next day. So we walk back to my house and I tell her that I wanna show her something. She agrees, then we go up to my room, I show her some stuff and chit chat for about 5 minutes. We sit at the edge of my bed, then I go in for the kiss and she pulls back! In my head I'm like what the F*&K! I kind of ignore it, I lean back to show disinterest then we watch some SNL. Then she's like I gotta go, I walk her outside and she's like "bye" and tries to just give me a handshake. So "I'm like what let me get a kiss" which looking back at it I gave her way too much value there, she tells me that she really doesn't know me, I tell her "what do you want to know?". So she gaves me a hug and kisses me on the cheek. Then I foolishly tell her to "give me a real kiss" so then she gives me a peck on the mouth.

    So I haven't talked to her since. Did I completley fark this up by not taking it slower with her?

    My fear was that she would want to put me in the lets just be friends zone.

    What should I do now? What would a master pua do?

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    Default Re: Day 2 report. What should I do next?

    Hey man, I dont think you rushed it. Well, sort of. I dont know much, I am still a noob but when I got my kiss close, there was alot of touching the whole date. The date started with a hug, and then I did small things like touching her hair, grabbed her hand, walked arm in arm, then held hands, then sort of caressing each others arms and leaning our heads on each other, then I put my arm around her waist and put my hand on her thigh and she was still comfortable, because I escalated the KINO and it felt natural, not rushed. Then we hugged, and made out. If you dont want to get into the friends zone you HAVE to KINO! The flirting/teasing/banter is important too, but not as much.

    I think you should have touched her much more before bringing her up into your room and trying to kiss close, but hey, you tried, and she will respect that attempt. Its much better that you made an attempt rather than not do anything at all.

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