Hey Guys, Im kinda new to this so im too familier with the terms but ill do the best I can.

So i met this girl at a club and I knew she was into me already saying im cute blah blah blah so i got here number. We didnt text much, I tried to keep texting to the absolute minimum. So i knew she was gunna be there the next week so I went again to personally ask for a date rather than asking over a text. She said she would love too go on a date with me so I was feelin good.By the end of the night their was alot of physical touch long tight hugging holding hands etc and before i left i just gave her a kiss on the cheek. Then she told me to text here when i got home so i did heres how it went.

Me-Just got home! Have a great night and be safe Ill talk to you tomarrow Goodnight
Her-Im home safe too lets go on a date
Me-Lets do it!!! Im excited!!!
Her- u are so adorable
Me- thank you. So saturday I cannot wait will have fun I promise.
Then no text back from her.

So heres the main thing i need help with

We are suppose to go out on our date tonight but we texted a little bit yesterday just small talk then stopped texting me mid convo and i havent heard from here since. Should i still text her today about the date or should i just wait for her to text me? BTW this girl is definetly a HB10