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    Default 911 emergency need everyone's advice asap!!

    Ran into a hb 9 at a party the other night. We're pretty good friends Because she dated my old roommate years and years ago So we had to be just friends of respect my roommate. now the situation has changed. so we were talking and she said she just got a new dog. I asked her to the dog park a day later she said okay. I also know my friend has a date with her tonight. He literally just met her. my friend gets mad girls simply because he's tall and skinny meanwhile I have to do things like oh I don't know consult the internet on girls well all he has to do is stand there with a beer in his hands and nod. how do I make her break the date with him for tonight and to make her look at me in a different light? I am thinking about just calling the whole thing off... 19 views and no one has anything to say, you guys are really starting to disappoint me.
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    Default Re: 911 emergency need everyone's advice asap!!

    First of all, I don't think it is possible to make her break the date (since it's over already...). Thing is, what I gather from your story is you're starting from the Friend Zone. You have to get yourself out of it and be more interesting than your friend. That's were self-confidence is important. Even if he's tall and skinny, it's not all there is to it. However, I am no pro in this, I only say this as it is things I gathered here and there on this forum and from some things I've seen in my life.

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