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    Default Setting the tone in a second encounter. Long absence.

    What's the best way to approach a woman who's travelling to visit you, or you're visiting for a second time?

    In the past year I've spent a lot of time on the road and met a number of women who have wanted to visit me or wanted me to see them again next time I'm in town. I do well on the initial pick-up and it leads to an emotional and physical connection that we both want to pursue. We spend a night together, exchange numbers and keep in touch via e-mail and phone. I use the time in between (about 3-4 months) to run the eliciting values routine and analyze each other dreams, and generally keep a cocky/flirty correspondence that pulls out some emotional content as well. But on the second encounter, we'll meet to see a comedy show or grab a drink and instantly the relationship falls flat.

    My instinct is that the expectations for the second meeting are too high, and the second meeting falls short of the anticipation, but I'm not certain. How should I approach the second meeting, and/or change how I'm handling the time in between, so that it maintains and re-establishes the connection from the first?
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