I still have this oneitus (my gf cheated on me and dumped me some 3 months ago) so I was thinking that it would be a good idea to get some easy sex from my ex ex ex gf (back in 2006).

About a week ago I randomly bumped into her on the street after 4-5 years of no contact (she dumped me back the btw, I was too much in love with her). We talked for a few minutes and said goodbye.

I added her on facebook after I got home and wrote her that it was fun meeting her after all these years and asked her if she wanted to have a bottle of wine with me and hang out. She replied within a minute that it was a good idea and she gave me her phone number. I called her a few hours later and agreed to meet on either Friday or Saturday, depending on her schedule. She said she would call but she never did (she was at home both days, posting sh1t on facebook). Now I tried to call her today in the afternoon (only once), but she didn't answer, and wouldn't call me back either.

I know that she is single (or at least not in a LTR).

What should I do from here? I just want to fark her a few times and move on. Why is she doing this? What would be a good tactic? Any help is appriciated.