hey guys, long story short i let myself become friend zoned (i guess) with this girl that i met about a year ago. I took her advances to be nothing but friendly and to be honest i wasnt into her. But thats changed. I've told her drunkenly by text that i like her as more than a friend and she told me that she just wants to be friends. However she has flirted and given me so many hints that she wants me.

- I started to hang out with her less.
- When she text, i would wait at least an hour to reply or not reply.
- I would say i was busy when she asked me out.

- She then contacted me and asked me to go to tgi fridays with her, after the meal she didnt want the night to end so we went for drinks. I kino escalated a bit and we hugged and parted ways. The next day she asked me over to hers for movies and chinese and she was giving me so many hints that she wanted to sleep with me, but she had just got off a late shift at work (she's a nurse) and she was tired, so i didnt think it would be best to advance forward when she was so tired. But she did seem up for it.

Anyways she was really busy with work and i didnt contact her much. I started seeing this other girl, who i slept with once and she found out. She started acting like a friend who was happy for me and asking when i will see her again.

But the other night i was staying out of town and i mentioned that when she text me. and she replied with "if your with that girl i will not be impressed!" Anyways the next day im at the pub with some friends and she comes from after work. She says hello to everyone and then looks at me and says "so did you sleep with her and stay at her place last night?" and when i said "why?" She angrily called me a Bas*** and got really upset. I text her later that night and asked why she is so upset and i got lots of messages from her having a go at me. But then she said "what bothers me the most is that you seem to like the fact that i got bothered by it"

Does this seem like she is jealous and wants me? What should my next move be?