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    Default LJBF'd advice needed...

    I've been talking to this girl I really like (solid HB9) for almost 2 weeks and have built up what I thought was a great natural rapport. She calls or texts me as soon as she wakes up and will continue to send me messages until she goes to sleep at night.
    So anyway, she got back into town last night so I took her out party hopping. I thought it was a done deal, but whenever I tried to kino escalate with her she wasn't responsive. Regardless, I was still pretty confident I would pull it out until I made the mistake of skulling a glass of homemade Raki (Turkish Liquor). Needless to say I didn't close, but when I got home she had texted me to make sure I made it back safely. Unfortunately, I was pretty drunk and since I actually really like(d) this girl, I wrote this embarrassing AFC rubbish:

    Me: I like you a lot and I think I screwed it up tonight by getting too drunk. I'm sad now.
    Her: Look. You did not screw anything up by drinking. I like you a lot too, but I like you as a friend... I am leaving in 2 weeks and nothing would have happened wither way (if you were sober or drunk). I'm telling you this now since you're drunk to make it less awkward for me.
    Me:No problem... The weird thing is I like you a lot, but I don't know why... I think because you don't like me. Oh, well... I think I can survive :-)
    Her:Come oooon
    After that she called me and I acted as if nothing had happened. We talked about rubbish for about 5 minutes then I said I was drunk and had to go to bed. This is the first time I have ever been LJBF'd, but I remember reading in some book that you need to ignore the person immediately. This is where I need advice:

    #1: I always keep Skype on (for business and personal). I turned it off last night so she couldn't message me in the morning. This afternoon however she texted me and wrote an inside joke. I didn't respond and soon after she wrote another text asking if I was still alive. What should I say when she asks why I am ignoring her?

    #2: I know I landed in LJBF land, but I am still fairly confident that I can still pull this out if I follow protocol. I'm a Californian that lives in Switzerland and speaks the local language so she knows that girls actually hit on me because of my accent. She also knows that my ex-girlfriend who is as hot as she is, is actively trying to get back together with me. Up until last night, everytime some girl hits on me, I've told her that I am not interested in them and that I am also not interested in my ex. I read on this forum that you should let her see you with other girls, so I not only set up a date with my ex on my wall. I also messaged a girl that I had met recently and set something up with her. Can you guys tell me your thoughts and any other advice that you might have?

    I really appreciate it.


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