I am meeting a girl to teach her my mother language while she teaches me her mother language. We were matched through the university language website.

In our first meeting I told her that I have a girlfriend. I thought that this would make me look as less of a threat. But it does not mean that I want something with this girl, she is not very pretty. But she is nice!

I would like to know what I need to do, to make her open her intimate self to me. I do not know how to incite her to talk about intimate stuff. I am afraid that if I ask about her intimacy ("Do you have a boyfriend?" "Do you shave?") she will think that I am interested or that I am a pervert. How can I get to her intimacy zone?

My goal would be to be able to talk about these intimate things with a girl, and maybe something can happen... I do not want to always be the serious guy who is not able to turn on a girl.

Next time I meet her will be our third meeting.

Thank you in advance!

PS: I will try to read The Game soon, so that I will be able to learn more about picking up and seduction. This way I will be more of a helper here instead of always asking for advice.