So I met this woman about seven months ago. She came into my work one month and said she was going to Kentucky to visit relatives. About a month later she came back in and I asked her about her trip. She was surprised I remembered. We started talking and I told her how I just got out of a relationship ect.. We exchanged numbers and a few days later she text messaged me. We started talking more and more. I only wanted to be friends. I just didnt want my heart to get broken again. So now we started having sex on a regular basis. I wasnt ready for a "relationship". She would always text me and ask how I am and tell me that she loves me. So about 2 weeks ago she was talking to me about a friend of hers wants to hook her up with some other man. She laughed about it. Then she told me she was going out with this person to have coffee. I told her not to tell me about these things. I seemed a bit jealous but was more confused as to why she went out with him. She said it's just coffee. I said well what about me? She said that we are friends. Now she doesnt text me as much anymore. I dont want to smother her. I just dont dont want to lose her. I really dont text her unless she texts me. She still does not nearly as much as she did before. I feel that I must have scared her. My friends tell me to leave her alone and she will come back. Im not so sure. She says we are too different people. Im 34 shes 43. Im white and shes biracial. Should I just leave her alone?