hey all
1st hope this the right forum!?
As u can all see im new to "picking up" girls iv been in serious relationships that seemed to happen. im good with girls by my standards but this one girl has caught me up a bit. I definatly made a bad impression and have been put in the friend box! says im a NICE guy but she isnt looking for anything serious (i think iv been a bit needyer than usual due to liking her) and doesnt really see herself having a bf.....
iv been reading pandoras box and im trying to judge her on this scale but im not sure over her denier/justifier status lol

i believe she was in inverstor but is now a tester as she is recovering from a bad relationship (we met on a dating site).
she is definatly a realist as is very career minded and speaks about not having children.
now i feel she is a denier as she SAYS she has only had one sexual partner she had a religeous background and has stuck to it threw choice but has made a couple of sexual comments nothing too deep but has brought up sexual convo.i feel she is playing a bit with her experiance and also believe she dates other men, tho only speaks about her girlfriends.

now the reason i ask this is that by the pandoras box standards if she is a justifier that would make her a seductress and with the before mentioned bad start this would give me little to no chance of turning this around.

ANY polite advice on this or how i can get out of the friend box or recover a bed first impression massivly appreciated lol