hey, im new here and have started trying to improve my game but i have a current situation i don't know what to do with.

i work in a call center and theres this girl ive been trying to talk to. Ive only been able to talk to her a couple of minutes at a time . i did end up getting her number and texted her. this is how the conversation went.

me: hey hows ur day going?
her: ok thanx urs?
meretty good, u at work?
her: yep
me:thats beat, what have u been up to this week?
her: nm movies and the gym u?
me: same, netflix and working out, kind of movies u like?
her: all kinds lol
me:lol, that was nonspecific, what have u been into lately?
her: i cant pick one thing im a movie freak i watch all kinds lol...i just bought the runawaays, 21 jump street and a few more lol
me:lol nice, i understand i just watched salt and have some on standby, have u watched any of the movies u bought?
her:yea i own salt but never seen the others.
me: k u def got me beat , hows work going?

i know i messed this up pretty bad. i don't really have game and here to improve. Is there anything i can do to salvage the situation or am i done for?