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Thread: stood up

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    Default stood up

    Hey, so i have this situation and i would like opinions/advice.
    Keep in mind i've been in a relationship for over a year now
    and have just recently decided to broaden my horizons and start
    working some game. So i went out thursday night w/ a friend and a few girls,
    i picked my target right off the bat when they met us. It was really loud so
    I didn't bother talking too much, just the occasional joke/tease. I'm not much of
    a talker in the first place w/ new ppl so i mostly just use kino. I tried to make sure
    i wasn't crowding her so i would occasionally walk off so it seemed i had better
    things to do. It was really crowded which made it pretty easy to get close.
    I started off w/ just little touches here and there, casually brushing up against her
    and what not, then hand on the lower back, someone was trying to get by so i grabbed
    her around the waist and pulled her in close, she turned and we started making out.
    Took a total of about 10 minutes prolly. Anyways, the night went on,
    we isolated from the group, had an awesome night, and then her mom came to drive
    us all home so no action that night. I didn't bother w/ a number cuz i don't need girls
    texting me when my gf's around so we just started messaging through fb. So i start
    off by sending a message. Subject: So you gonna hit this or what? Message: You know
    you wanna She replies: Haha, yeah, but not the first time i really hang out w/ you.
    So we continue to talk, and it is obvious to me that this girl is DTF. So yesterday I ask
    her what her schedule looks like for next week. She tells me and then says, aww, but i
    was wanting to see what you were doing tonight. Me: what did you have in mind?
    Her: Ohhh, idk?? smoke, hang out. Me: I'm down w/ that, when/where? Her: A little later,
    my place. Me: I can dig on that. Her: thought sooooo This was about 7:30 or so,
    and we messaged back and forth on fb a little, i asked her what we were waiting on,
    she said she had plans w/ her friend. I eventually said fark waiting around on her to
    message me so I gave her my number and told her to text me when she was ready.
    Needless to say, she never texts. The night wasn't a complete loss, i ended up hooking
    up w/ some ppl at the bar and kiss closed/# closed w/ this fine ass little thing before
    i called it a night. So I get home, and I'm a little drunk, i get online, message: you're a
    douche, just thought you should know =) and then i pass out. Wake up this morning to
    see a message back, just says: Ugggh im sorry! I suck. So i message back: you suck?
    i'll keep that in mind, but that still doesn't change how i feel And that's where I'm at
    w/ this. Is it likely that she did it on purpose? playing games or just have a change of
    heart maybe? Important side note, she knows i have a gf, but it didn't seem to bother
    her too much, didn't stop her from making out w/ me at least. Please help, thanks.

    Update: fixed it Steel, thanks. So I got messaged back and i'll go ahead and just lay out what has insued...
    Me: you suck? i'll keep that in mind, etc...

    Her: I do in more than one way lol ohh how do u feel im confused ughhh

    Me: like you're a douche =) haha, so what happened, your widdle eyes wouldn't stay open?
    or did we have a change of heart?

    Her: Yes i was sweepy lol nooo i just had to work early and i was super baked and passed
    out but im workin come eat some breakfast

    Me: there was no way i was eating anything this morning, but i woulda liked to come and get
    a side of katie *licks lip*

    So to me this doesn't really sound like anything that went wrong, shit just didn't go as planned.
    I'd like to hear feedback on anything that you noticed that you might be able to help me w/ or
    advice for where to go from here, thanks.
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    Default Re: stood up

    Maybe you should make it a little easier too read for us. For example use the 'enter' key here and there

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